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Fly By


Geese fly through a cold winter sky.   There’s a hush in the air.  The grey clouds are heavy, laden with snow, but yet it resists the Fall.   I wait, watching, anticipating it’s arrival, but only the wind touches my face.   I can feel winter’s cold hand. It grazes my cheek, but will not wrap me in its white robes, will not envelop me with its embrace.  I have been here waiting, from the sun’s bright ascent to the close of the day, but it does not fall.   Winter’s snow holds back from me, like a reticent sparrow, peeking from the trees, unmoving yet aware, unsure of my intentions, though I offer only love.


Turtle Pond



Forest Floor



A splash of green, brown, orange, grey…..the forest floor was a bounty of colors that day.

Red Wolf


The secretive red wolf finally came out of his hiding place.   The wintery 8 degree weather kept the people away from his enclosure, allowing me a rare glimpse at him curiously footing through the snow and leaves.    I know he saw me, but he didn’t run away.   It was magical.     This is reason # 459 for why winter is a wonderful time of the year.

Grey Morning


The beach at Wells Maine, one early October morning before my 9 hour drive home, alone.   It was almost like the sky reflected the mood in my heart.



In June of 2014 I took my nephew to visit the Adirondack mountains.   We set up camp at a NYS park site.   I left my bag on the platform for 10 minutes while we got the tent set up and look who came to visit.   If they were trying to make off with the electronics, they should have brought reinforcements, that bag was pretty heavy.   🙂    Thankfully my camera was right where it should be, around my neck.

November Trees


Winter has not been too present this year.  This storm came and went within a day.   There have only been two subsequent storms since this pic was taken in November 2014.    Looks like it’ll be another winter full of dead grass and yellow fields (though my snap dragon plants are still alive and very green, strange as that is).   Perhaps Jan/Feb will bring a nice blanket of snow that will stick around.