Sunless Rainbow?


Though it was completely cloud covered on this November day, somehow a sliver of rainbow appeared in the sky!   If you look closely around 10-11 o’clock, you can see it too.

All a daze


These summer midges were a welcome distraction from the heat.    I walked right into the swarm.

Fly By


Geese fly through a cold winter sky.   There’s a hush in the air.  The grey clouds are heavy, laden with snow, but yet it resists the Fall.   I wait, watching, anticipating it’s arrival, but only the wind touches my face.   I can feel winter’s cold hand. It grazes my cheek, but will not wrap me in its white robes, will not envelop me with its embrace.  I have been here waiting, from the sun’s bright ascent to the close of the day, but it does not fall.   Winter’s snow holds back from me, like a reticent sparrow, peeking from the trees, unmoving yet aware, unsure of my intentions, though I offer only love.

Grey Morning


The beach at Wells Maine, one early October morning before my 9 hour drive home, alone.   It was almost like the sky reflected the mood in my heart.


No longer adrift



Creeping Ice

Creeping Ice

The ice receded, though some people saw snow fly this morning. Rain, mud, and decaying vegetation all around. Spring has come. Now I wait for the return of my beloved Winter. Gone, but never forgotten.


March Waters

March Waters

The melting snow and rain left the water ways dynamic. The turbulence was inspiring.