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As Above, So Below – The last days of Winter

As Above, So Below - The last days of Winter

Technically it’s the first day of spring, but this image sums up my feelings about it all. I’m always sad to see the Winter leave. This was taken in February at the Marsh. I’ll be looking forward to seeing more Winter next year (or in a week or two if the “Powers that Be” still favor a late snow, like in the past).



A face in the snow?

Faces in the snow

Captured this unique image from the bridge over-looking a small creek. I was fascinated by how much it resembled a profile, like faces from art-deco paintings I’ve seen or architecture of that ilk (maybe I just thought this because of the juxtaposition of steel girders from the bridge). It’s also a little like Jack Frost himself, blowing icy cold wind over the parks and glens. That works for me too. (I kind of like winter *understatement*). I’d be curious to hear what it evokes in other people’s imaginations.