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Snow Drift


Here’s to the winter yet to come…may it bring peace, snow, and contentment. ¬† We need all three! ūüėČ



Blue Beauty



A pair of damselflies



Orb Weaver in the Sun


Autumn Bridge



Though this was taken in October, things look about the same right now. ¬† No snow here, no winter weather. ¬†Almost “warm” with a touch of March/April in the air. ¬† Strange times. ¬†I wonder if this bridge leads to a snow covered world. ¬† I hope so.

Sunless Rainbow?


Though it was completely cloud covered on this November day, somehow a sliver of rainbow appeared in the sky! ¬† If you look closely around 10-11 o’clock, you can see it too.

All a daze


These summer midges were a welcome distraction from the heat.    I walked right into the swarm.

Autumn Pools



Door to the forest


Not all who wander are lost….but in this case I was lost for over two hours in an unfamiliar woods. ¬† It was the best thing that ever happened. ¬† Discovered some amazing landscapes and even more brilliant trees. ¬† ¬†Felt a calling to wander ever closer to this particular forest’s edge.


Resting on the leaves…


This snowy leopard seems to be smiling. ¬† The sun was warm for her that day. ¬†If only I could share her comfort and cuddle up right by her side! ūüôā

Queen’s Throne


Sadly we’re not seeing any of this in Winter 2015-16. ¬† Here’s to the epic winter of ’14-15. ¬†That was something wonderful.


Juvenile Bald Eagle


It¬†might be hard to make out this bird’s markings from this photo. ¬†This juvenile bald eagle followed us around the marsh. ¬† We could hear it calling from deep in the trees until it finally made its presence known, spooking a great blue heron off the water, as it flew¬†at almost ground level and rose up over us.

Had a hard time catching it with the camera but finally held it steady long enough to get a half decent¬†shot. ¬† ¬†Gotta love how many of these birds are everywhere around here now. ¬† 10 years ago, I would not have believed I would see a bald eagle when stepping out my front door, or sitting in the Kmart parking lot,¬†but I have done just that. ¬† ¬†They’re everywhere now. ¬† Hope their numbers keep growing!!!

Morning Web


Morning web creates a strange maze.   Fillmore Glen Park, Moravia NY.

In a Web of Wonder


All Reach Toward the Sky


Toward the Sun


Cloud goes up to eat the sun.   He almost succeeded.

Crow in Sycamore Tree


When a crow and its shadow become one.



A friend of 19 years passed away late Sunday night, April 12, 2015.    This is dedicated to him.

May your soul be free, flying higher than the clouds,

May your¬†spirit ride the wind, to places¬†never dreamt of… till now…

(Image is two sandhill cranes, flying over the Marsh.   Rare birds for this area.   It felt like a sign.)



Droplets of rain cling like teary cruor torn from the sky.  They pause at the intersection of wood and air, within cold thorny branches intersecting space and time.

Black Dotted Sky


Like shadows painted on the sky, this canvas made of clouds,

Dark silhouettes sped through the air, faster then eyes could follow.

March Sunset


The day closed with a chilly breeze.  A peaceful silence embraced the lake.   Birds left their songs for another day and sought the warmth of some nearby shrub or tree.

March Heron


The lake was overflowing that day, but this traveler seemed to think the conditions were perfect.

Fly By


Geese fly through a cold winter sky. ¬† There’s a hush in the air. ¬†The grey clouds are heavy, laden with snow, but yet it resists the Fall. ¬†¬†I wait, watching, anticipating it’s arrival, but only the wind touches my face. ¬† I can feel winter’s cold hand. It grazes my cheek, but will not wrap me in its¬†white robes,¬†will not envelop me with its¬†embrace.¬†¬†I have been here waiting,¬†from the sun’s bright ascent to the close of the day,¬†but it does¬†not fall.¬† ¬†Winter’s snow holds back from me, like a reticent sparrow, peeking from¬†the trees, unmoving yet¬†aware,¬†unsure of my intentions, though I offer only love.

Turtle Pond